Vol. 10, No. 3                                                                                     December 1, 1997



     It is that time of the year when we will all be celebrating the holidays and the New Year. But Susan O'Malley, Queen of Released Time and sometime-editor of the Radical Teacher, will be doing other things. She will be chasing after you to con you into running on her slate in the upcoming PSC Chapter election. During the last three years, with all that released time, she has been running the Chapter through remote control. She has, of course, failed miserably in fulfilling her obligation to the Chapter and to the membership. There is not a single achievement of substance that we can think of that can be credited to the Queen of Released Time.

     As a public service, The Patriot wishes to alert you to dangers to which you may be subject, should you fall into her trap. We want you to be careful. Your health, your career, and your peace of mind are more important than O'Malley's promises of a better future under her (non-existent) leadership. Remember too, that Prof. O'Malley has a reputation for biting the hands of those who feed her. So, here are seven good reasons why we think you should decline an invitation to run with the Queen of Released Time.

     1) You may know that there have been several vacancies on the Chapter Executive Committee during the last three years. But with the exception of one, none have been filled by Prof. O'Malley. Do you know why? No one wants to be on her Executive Committee because she does not do anything.

    2) Have you noticed that despite three reminders, the recent meeting of the KCC Chapter called by O'Malley was attended by less than ten ( 4.4%) full-time members of the faculty out of a total of approximately 225? There was a noticeable absence of a large number of members of her Executive Committee as well as her own English Department, one of the largest in the College. While eight out of twelve members of the Executive Committee chose not to come, the English Department was represented by Susan herself, her friend Norah Chase who is confused as to which side of the fence she should be on, and perhaps one more member. This is a clear indication that O'Malley has lost total confidence among the KCC faculty, her Executive Committee, and her own Department. Do you want to be on the slate of a chapter leader who could not even get ten percent of the faculty to an important meeting addressed by the President of the union?

    3) Every one knows that O'Malley, the Queen of Released Time, is deeply involved with the University Faculty Senate, and has no interest in the union. Why does she want to continue? Easy, generous released time. That's all. Faculty will teach and face myriad problems every day. In the meantime, she is partying in Manhattan, attending New Caucus brainstorming raucous sessions on attempts to overturn the current PSC leadership and Irwin Polishook, and occasionally showing up at UFS meetings. Most of the time, she will simply be enjoying the carefree leisure of released time.

    4) It is no secret that the Queen of Released Time double-crossed PSC President Irwin Polishook. (She used Polishook's caucus and support to get elected to the KCC/PSC chapter, then turned around and supported Polishook's opponent Steve London in the last PSC election.) If she could do this to PSC President Polishook, what guarantees do you have that she would not dump you and double-cross you the day after the election?

    5) There is no question in our mind that the central PSC has not been and will not be supportive of O'Malley on campus. As a member of her Executive Committee, you will be totally ineffective in bringing about even minute improvements on campus. Do you want to be part of a group whose leader is guaranteed to be snubbed by the PSC leadership for next three years?

    6) In the recent mayoral campaign almost all City unions including our PSC, refrained from endorsing Messinger. Some endorsed Rudy Giuliani, a guaranteed winner. Why would O'Malley go out of her way to invite Ms. Messinger to KCC and to show her support? Is she not familiar with Ralph Chaplin's famous union song "Solidarity Forever," with the principle that union members should show a united front, and that, with solidarity there is strength? Shouldn't she have resigned as chapter chair before pursuing her own political and ideological agenda? Do you want to run with a so called union leader who does not give a damn about union principles?

    7) Although Prof. O'Malley made it a point to personally tell the editor of the Patriot that he should retire and go away, let me assure you that it will not happen. The Patriot is here to stay. If you are on her slate, we guarantee that your candidacy will be carefully scrutinized and featured in the Patriot's pages in living color.

    Our professional futures are too important to entrust to O'Malley - an individual who has demonstrated lack of credibility, lack of integrity, and total lack of commitment to unionism.

Make a copy and share the joy of reading the Patriot with a colleague in another CUNY unit.

Sharad Karkhanis


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