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Vol. 35, No.2                                                      February 06, 2007






The Patriot believes that the current actions of the Queen of Released Time, Susan O'Malley, may be rooted in her childhood.

Once upon a time, when Susan O'Malley was a little girl, her grandma told her a fairy tale at bed time. There was an imaginary Queen who led a comfortable life doing absolutely nothing, pretending that she was busy. The Queen, however, was busy recruiting pirates, robbers and crooks to overthrow the King, and rule the Empire.

Susan began to dream of a comfortable life like the Queen in the Fairy Tale.

She would be a professor in an urban environment, where she will search for terrorists and criminals with whom she will make friends, terrorizing the establishment who will give her whatever released time she desires.

Susan hails from a wealthy family, so money was never an issue. She decided that it should not be an issue for anyone. So advocating for a union that champions criminals and terrorists, while cutting ordinary folks' salaries, was just perfect.

Susan grew up in comfortable America with the safety of life, liberty and property. After graduation, she joined an urban university to teach English. By intimidation and by joining radical groups, she became the leader of the University Faculty Senate, solely for the purpose of enjoying the good life, without having to dirty her hands with chalk.

In the year 2004, Susan O'Malley found out that Susan Rosenberg was asked to leave her adjunct position at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It was the perfect time for O'Malley to come to help a convicted criminal. As will be remembered, Rosenberg had been released from prison after serving 16 years of a 58-year sentence (Clinton pardon) for the possession of more than 700 pounds of explosives and a large stockpile of illegal weapons. She was also a member of a radical terrorist outfit called "The Family". Rosenberg was also a suspect in a 1981 robbery that left three people dead in Nyack, New York.

O'Malley wrote a letter to the Daily News and posted it on the Senate Forum on December 17, 2004. Admitting Rosenberg's "felony conviction," O'Malley pronounced that decisions as to who should be teaching at a college should not be based on the wishes of groups external to the college. She signed the letter with her affiliations as Chair of the Faculty Senate and Trustee ex-officio, as though members of these groups had endorsed the ideas expressed in the letter. Does Susan think that Colleges and Universities make decisions without any consideration and regard for the safety, security and morality of society outside their physical parameters? Does Susan want to bring Rosenberg to teach at KCC?

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 12:06:48 -0500
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This is the letter that I sent to the Daily News last night. I do not know if it will be published.

I have always been proud that one of the goals of the U.S. criminal justice system is rehabilitation. A person who has served time for a crime is supposed to be integrated back into society after being released from jail. Unfortunately this has not been the case for Professor Susan Rosenberg. A writer herself, Rosenberg has team taught a course on prison writing at John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY over the last four years. She has never hidden the fact of her felony conviction. Because of complaints to Jeremy Travis, John Jay's impressive new president, by the Police Emerald Society, which objects to Rosenberg's association with people convicted for the 1981 Rockland County Brinks robbery - she herself was never tried for that crime - Rosenberg is not being allowed to teach again at John Jay College. Rosenberg did, in fact, serve 18 years for the possession of a large quantity of explosives and guns in her apartment discovered 23 years ago. She has been evaluated satisfactorily by her department which had planned for her to teach next fall. This action by the John Jay president is particularly ironic as President Travis is a renowned expert on the re-entry of prisoners into society. Decisions as to who should be teaching at a college should not be based on the wishes of groups external to the college.

Dr. Susan O'Malley
Chair, CUNY Faculty Senate
Trustee ex-officio

But this was not enough.  

Mohamed Yousry was an interpreter and translator appointed by the Court to assist in the trial of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, the blind Egyptian cleric who was convicted in 1996 of plotting terrorist attacks against various sites in the New York City area, including the World Trade Center. On February 10, 2005, Yousry was tried and convicted in Federal court, along with attorney Lynne Stewart, of conspiring to provide, and providing, material support to terrorism, and conspiring to defraud the United States government. YOUSRY WAS, IN OTHER WORDS, PUTTING PLANS INTO THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO ARE PLOTTING TO KILL US - YOU AND I - AND OUR LOVED ONES.

Let us now look at Susan O'Malley's October 19, 2006 posting on the Senate Forum, just three days after Mohammed Yousry was sentenced to prison. Is she worried about the safety of innocents? Is she worried about OUR safety? Of course not! She wrote, "I wonder if Mr. Yousry would like to find adjunct work now. The NY Times article said he was living in Connecticut and was having trouble finding work."

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I wonder if it Mr. Yousry would like to find adjunct work now. The NY Times article said he was living in Connecticut and was having trouble finding work.

Susan O;Malley  

CUNY Faculty Senate http://www.cuny.edu/ufs
535 E. 80th St .
New York , NY 10021
212 794-5538

Was Susan trying to open an opportunity for Yousry in KCC's English Department? Was she thinking that as a Very Important Person in the University she would pressure the Chair and members of the English Department's P & B to hire Mr. Yousry? She probably thought that with all that experience transmitting written screeds and instructions from the Sheik to his terrorist minions, Yousry should be able to teach our KCC students with ease. If Mr. Yousry ever lands at KCC, be assured it is courtesy of the Queen of Released Time.

Susan believes in those who preach and practice revolutionary violence, like Susan Rosenberg. She supports the terrorist Yousry who aided fellow terrorists and murderers in a most substantive way, by conveying instructions for murderous activities, directed against us all.

The Patiot will start a petition to give Susan O'Malley as much released time as she wants. Just keep her out of KCC and CUNY.

You've reached retirement age, Susan. Retirement means full released time!



In October this year, campus cafeterias and hallways were filled with hush hush rumors: that the slap-on-the-wrist October sentencing of Lynn Stewart to 28 months in jail will herald her joining the staff of the PSC. This would be, of course, courtesy of the Queen of Released Time for her idol in distress. Stewart was convicted, along with Yousry, of conspiring to provide, and providing, material support to terrorism and for conspiring to defraud the United States government. With her connections, Stewart could easily manage the paperwork and messages from the group with links to Bin Laden, which involved the overthrow of Mubarak's Egypt and violence in the U.S. O'Malley will have no trouble pushing Lynn's appointment as a PSC attorney with a sizable salary, to assist the PSC's current convicted-felon attorney, Nathaniel Charney.


Sharad Karkhanis, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

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