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Vol. 37, No.1                                                      September 11, 2007



Never in her history of more than two decades at CUNY did Susan O'Malley, Queen of Released Time, suffer such a devastating defeat as she did in last Spring's PSC/CUNY Chapter election at Kingsborough Community College. Most painful is that her opponent was an ordinary commoner, a quiet, mild mannered professor who takes pride in his biological research and experiments in the college labs. A man of the common people, loved by his students and respected by his colleagues, Ted Markus of YOUR FACULTY SLATE received 239 votes for the office of Vice Chairperson as compared to a mere 106 votes for the Queen. This monumental victory, Ted's almost 70% over the Queen's meager 30%, is an indication that the Queen is DONE. This humiliating defeat was shocking for the Queen, for she was so sure of her victory. Coming from a large department, she was trounced by a Commoner from a small department.

How could this have happened? Can it be that members of the KCC faculty were upset about Queen O'Malley's Radical Teacher article, in which she attacks the late President Goldstein for an innocent comment? And that she attacked a man after his death when he could not defend himself? (Click Here) This defeat has sealed the Queen's fate in the University and the PSC for any elective office.



O'Malley Sabbatical Now in Effect
Secret Connivance Confirmed

World renowned Swami Vivekananda Upanideshi, adviser to Prime Minister Indira Ghandhi of India, Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain and Bill Clinton of the United States, told us eight months ago that the planetary positions were such that he saw the Queen of Released Time on the European continent this past Summer and during this Fall semester. (The Swami's Prediction)

It is now OFFICIAL. The Queen is ABSENT from KCC AGAIN this year.

We are flabbergasted! The Queen was secretly conniving and planning for a Fall sabbatical while running for chapter Vice Chairperson in the Kingsborough election! How dishonest it was that she never ever told the faculty that she was planning to rule by remote control. She thought that she could run as Vice Chair, win and leave the adolescent who ran for Chair, afloat in a sea of childish inexperience!

Instructional staff may recall that when O'Malley reappeared at KCC last year after four long years of absence (and many prior years of near-absence) she immediately applied for a sabbatical. She was correctly denied this: the arrogance of being away for four years and immediately requesting a sabbatical at 80% of the top Full Professor salary! But now, after only one year's stint, still with many hours of released time, she is again away at 80% of salary! Plus, most likely, money from the PSC (that's our dues money). How conniving you can be when you are Queen!

Obviously, the Queen doesn't like associating with those lowly peasants and serfs, otherwise known as working faculty. Just take the final step already, O'Malley: leave for good!

Prayer for the Queen's Abstinence

Her 8th Deadly Sin: Lust for Released Time

Oh Ethereal Spirit, have mercy on the Queen of Released Time even though she suffered a staggering defeat by a Commoner in last Spring's election.

Oh Ethereal Spirit, show her a way to retirement so that she may leave for the land of that real Queen in England where a Commoner dares not challenge the Queen.

Oh Ethereal Spirit, help the Queen of Released Time settle down in Kentucky, a land of horse lovers. Teach her to bet on the horses with the Commoners.

Oh Ethereal Spirit, help the Queen of Released time free herself from intimate friendship with Battlin' Barb Bowen.

Oh Ethereal Sprit, help the Queen come down to Earth. Make her teach remedial courses for once in her life, like the Commoners in her department.



Well, well, well. KCC faculty are now made to suffer emails from Patrick Lloyd - duplicates of those already sent by the Central PSC, or by KCC Chapter officers. He clutters KCC computers and wastes the valuable time of faculty, who delete them while cursing this annoyance.

News Flash, Patrick: you lost the election. You are neither a Chapter Chair, nor a member of the KCC Executive Committee. Accept it. You ran and lost BIG because you talked, walked and acted like an adolescent. Perhaps you are being paid off in released time from Barbara Bowen for sending these e-mails (hmmmm...... are you?), but you again exhibit classic adolescent behavior. Would you please GROW UP. Behave like an ADULT. Stop wasting our time. Peace.


The Rumor Column

Charny Defects to the CIA!

Ever since the PSC decided to retain the services of Nathaniel Charny as Director of Legal Affairs, we've heard rumors that our Dear Leader was less than enamored with this choice. Not only was he a convicted felon who had played a role in a Teamster's fund raising scandal, but the union still had to shell out considerable sums of (your) dues monies to other attorneys to handle myriad legal matters. That the counselor's days were numbered at Barbara's new Broadway Bunker did not surprise us.

We were shocked, however, to learn that his new employer was none other than the CIA! How could this be, we wondered? A progressive, left-thinking labor lawyer at large among spies and spooks? Perhaps he would be doing pro-bono work for Mohammed Yousry or the boys in Gitmo. Or had he been a government plant in the ranks of the PSC, reporting on New Caucus radicals to the likes of Alberto Gonzales?

Our readers can imagine our relief when we learned that he was not heading for Langley, VA, but simply being sent up the river to Hyde Park, NY and the Culinary Institute of America. There he'll be an assistant professor of business management. How extensive his professional experience in matters culinary is not known to us. But we do hope that while at the PSC he had the chance to learn a thing or two from Barbara and Steve about cooking the books.

Contract Dictions

Now that the PSC has aggressively entered the information age, the membership is being favored with virtual pronouncements and proclamations from the Dear Leader, and with regular e-updates via This Week at the PSC. To the degree that these are moves towards transparency, we welcome them. But given from where they emanate, we'll still opt for caution rather than celebration.

A case in point is the ongoing negotiation for the soon to expire contract. We've learned that the university's proposed financial package is scarcely a generous one, and that there are no across the board pay increases on the table. This, indeed, is troubling, and we hope that the "Oddest Couple" of Barbara and Matt will not be presenting us with yet another de facto pay cut as they did in May 2006.

We've also learned that the PSC bargaining team is particularly incensed by 80th Street's proposal for a marked reduction in the number of hours of reassigned time that Barbara will be able to dole out to her favorites. Imagine that? Instead of being paid not to teach, New Caucus cadres might have to carry 21 or 27 hour loads like the rest of us. Heaven forefend!

Nor have we read much about the new "improved" academic calendar---the one that had most in the classroom on the week of August 27th. We have heard rumors, tho', the PSC is willing to consider sending us back to work even earlier, if the above-mentioned reassigned time for Barbara's mignons is protected. Such a move might strike you as unfair, but not to worry. Given her remarkable track record of providing us with ever-lower salaries, the money that we won't be making--or will be kicking back to "Foggy" London at the Welfare Fund--can't be spent on such "bourgeois" proclivities as summer vacations, back-to-school clothes, etc. What we'll get instead is more polarization, politicization and penury. That's "Solidarity," #61 Broadway style. They don't call her "Barbara Bupkis" for nothing.



Sharad Karkhanis, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

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