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       Vol. 48, No.4                                                        April 24, 2009



In recent days, the New Caucus has ramped up its bizarre campaign of targeting Democratic politicians. First it was the "picket line" outside state Sen. Carl Kruger's office, attended by a PSC staffer, Now, the PSC Solidarity Committee has urged members to protest New Jersey 's Democratic governor, Jon Corzine, when Corzine arrives at NYU today. Will the next number on the New Caucus' Democratic picket-list be state Sen. Jeff Klein, to protest Klein's outspoken advocacy of Israel?

But a striking thing has occurred in the New Caucus' anti-Democratic crusade. Despite aggressive attempts by Executive Committee members such as Alex Vitale and Solidarity Committee chairman Jim Perlstein, few, if any, CUNY students have participated in the New Caucus protests. Maybe they're too busy. Or maybe they realize the folly of protesting Democratic leaders in New York and New Jersey.

And how has the New Caucus interpreted this lack of support? Here's New Caucus delegate Jack Zevin: "why don't the students seem capable of rising up, a great mystery to us faculty members, as American seem rather quiescent, don't you think? How to arouse them: perhaps they need a REALLY big increase and a heavy dose of financial pain to wake up."

So Zevin wants to see our students suffer additional harm in the hope that this "financial pain" will cause them to adopt the Dear Leader's revolutionary agenda.

It's nice to see the New Caucus has its priorities straight.




SPME reports that a movement is underway in the SUNY faculty union to formally protest a resolution adopted by the Ontario Branch of the Canadian Union of Public Employees to boycott Israeli institutions including universities.

The proposed SUNY resolution asks the leadership of the Ontario union to resign, and calls for "open, civilized, and intellectually informed debate, open to all standpoints, about Middle East conflicts and human rights abuses, and about the role of global scapegoating in masking brutal war and repression around the world."

In recent weeks, the Dear Leader has been running away from her anti-Israel zealotry. She's had "no comment" as to why she gave a Friend of CUNY award to Michael Letwin, who was advocating U.S. divestment from Israel. She's been silent as to why she appointed as the PSC chief international spokesperson Renate Bridenthal, who was accusing Israel of potential "crimes against humanity" in 2002. She has declined to say why in January, the New Caucus' own executive committee approved for DA debate two fanatically anti-Israel resolutions.

Given that she's now claiming to be pro-Israel, surely the Dear Leader has denounced the Ontario resolution, correct?

There is no record of such a statement from Professor Bowen. Somehow, given her previous actions, we're not surprised.



In a recent number of TPR we referred to Delegate Sandor John in the context of New Caucus "activism" on non-CUNY campuses. Delegate John has informed us that he is not now, not ever has been, a member of the New Caucus, but is instead member of a "Left" splinter movement. We regret the error.

Delegate John has also raised the specter of "McCarthyism" at the City University. For editorial purposes, TPR distinguishes three manifestations of that phenomenon: "Joe McCarthyism," the groundless invective of pompous demagogues; "Gene McCarthyism," principled statements by high-minded mavericks; and "Charlie McCarthyism," the endless chatter of block-headed dummies.

We leave it to our readers to decide what kinds of McCarthyism the New Caucus and such fellow travelers as Delegate John may exemplify.

Sharad Karkhanis, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus



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