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      Vol. 59, No.3 - August 28, 2012 


Where has all our Summer gone . . . ?

Summer break is at an uncommonly-early end for CUNY faculty, courtesy of Union managers Barbara Bowen and Steve London, who covertly negotiated an early end to our well-deserved and well-earned summer break.

So CUNY faculty (with the exception of Kingsborough and Laguardia, who held their own despite the Central Union!) return to the classroom on Monday, August 27.

My dear colleagues may wish to consider the fate of your NON-UNIONIZED New York City faculty colleagues:

Columbia University: Classes begin Tuesday, September 4

NYU: Classes begin Tuesday September 4

Pace University: Classes begin Wednesday September 5

Touro College: Classes begin Monday September 10

Fordham University: Classes begin Thursday September 6

Cooper Union: Classes begin Tuesday September 4

LIU (Long Island U): Classes begin Wednesday September 5

NYU-Poly: Classes begin Tuesday September 4

We begin August 27 -- because our “union” – under the current corrupt leadership of Barbara Bowen & Stevie London -- NEGOTIATED OUR SUMMER VACATION AWAY.

What have Barbara & Steve done all summer?

This is multiple choice:

a. Collected about $26,000.00 EACH in “summer salary” paid by enforced dues, collected from faculty who have not had a raise in three years. ZERO accountability for time spent.

b. Took vacations (what was that about summer salary again?) – in the case of Barbara Bowen, her usual cruise with Mummy.

c. Complained loudly about the unfortunate state of other unionized workers with nary a word about the fact that CUNY'S CONTRACT EXPIRED YEARS AGO AND NOTHIN'S DOIN'

d. Fantasized about how wonderful they are, fighting the revolution and giving the forcibly-collected faculty tax (whoops . . dues?) to Occupy Everything

e. All of the above


What have Barbara & Steve NOT done all summer?

a. Held even a SINGLE negotiating session on salary or workload – OR on our early-early-start academic calendar.

Sorry – that's the only choice here.


Our Readers Continue to Speak Out


A CLT who's had enough

It's been a while since I've replied to you, thanks for the info that you've sent regarding agency fee status. I've found the union to be quite useless, whenever there is an issue "there's nothing we can do about that", we've had a large increase in lab courses, but no additional full time technicians. I've been trying to convince others to change to an agency fee payer. I also despise the fact that my money is used for political contributions, political contributions are supposed to be voluntary. I'm not well informed on labor law, but I think that dues money spent on issues not related to collective bargaining is illegal, and can be fought (Communications workers vs. Beck).  If the union has used our dues money for political purposes, it's possible we can all ask for that money to be returned (I also believe everyone would have to ask individually).

Also, the union is not allowing waivers for additional hours of overload, "to force the university to hire more full time personnel". The leadership certainly lacks the foresight to notice that those not allowed to work the extra hours of overload are simply replaced with other adjuncts, many of which lack the experience of those who are being denied overload hours (and additional hours above the overload hours), instead of hiring full time faculty/staff.

A Full-Time Professor:

I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed the latest Patriot. I think one of the great strengths of your newsletter is that it gives a voice to those who have been shut out and ignored by our great Infallible Revolutionary leaders. The comments about how delusional they all are were priceless!


More to Come!!!
Happy August! (What's left of it.)


Sharad Karkhanis, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus



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